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Senin, 24 Desember 2012

MY-RO QUEST ITEM (Special Quest)


(Special Quest)

Mask Of Ifrit[1]

Equipped on: Middle Headgear
Item Effects:
STR +5, LUK +5, MDEF +5, ATK +4%
Gives 30% Chance that you will never miss your target
Adds a 10% resistance against Fire Property Monsters.
Reduce your resistance by 10% against Water Property monsters.
Enables use of Level 1 Sight.
Add a chance of auto casting Level 3 Meteor Storm on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
Add a chance of auto casting Level 3 Fire Bolt on the user when dealing Physical Damage.
Drain 666 HP for every 10 seconds as a result of your face being burned while wearing and succumbing to it's power
[Ninja Class Job]
Made a deal with Ifrit and adds 20% HP, Int +10
[Stalker Class Job]
Int +12, Dex +12
[Assassin Cross]
Int +20, Reduce Casting Time by 20%, and after-cast delay by 20% when using Mes[3]

1 Ears Of Ifrit[1] (POD Item)
1 Mask Of Goddess[1] (POD Item)
1 Robo Eye[1] (POD Item)
1 Cygnus Helm[0] (Quest Treasure Box)

Mask Of Ifrit[1] is:
- Non-Upgradeable
- Non-Tradeable
- Storageable
- Slotted

Shining Pirate Dagger[1]

Equipped on: Lower Headgear
Item Effect:
+7% Damage to Demi-Humans

5 Pirate Dagger[1] (Donation Promo)
1 Holy Marcher Hat[1] (Quest)
1 Flower Crown (Quest)
1 White Petal[1] (Quest)

Shining Pirate Dagger[1] is:
- Non-Upgradeable
- Non-Tradeable
- Storageable
- Slotted

Hairband of Reginleif[1]

Equipped on: Middle Headgear
Item Effects:
Increase resistance against Wind, Water, Fire, Undead, Ghost Property by 5%
Increase damage to Holy Monsters by 5% including emperiums
Gives additional damage to Demi-Humans by 1%
Agi +5, Dex +5, Vit +5, SP +100

1 Elf King Ears (POD Item)
1 Dark Black Glasses (POD Item)
1 Eye Of Darkness (POD Item)
1 Heart Glasses (POD Item)
1 Will of Red Darkness (Gloom Undernight)
1 Valhalla's Flower (Valkyrie)

Hairband of Reginleif[1] is:
- Upgradeable
- Tradeable
- Storageable
- Slotted

Note: In return, the Quest NPC will give you 18 Proof of Donation Tickets (PODs) for free!

Raged Baphomet Horns[1]

Equipped on: Upper Headgear
Item Effects:
DEF +6
Increases Physical damage to the Demi Human monster by 15%.
As your JOB Level increases, the helm grants additional ATK

5 Evolved Magestic Goat (Donation Promo)
5 Fire Dragon Scale (Detardeurus)

Raged Baphomet Horns[1] is:
- Upgradeable
- Non-Tradeable
- Storageable
- Slotted

Proxy Skin Fragment [1]

Equipped on: Garment
Item Effects:
Add 7% resistance to all elements except Neutral
Increases SP by Level / 3 + (Refine Rate x 10)
1% chance of recovering 1% of your damage SP when dealing with physical damage
MDEF +3, DEF +5

1000 Egg (Wood Goblin)
1 Diablos Manteau [1]
28 POD

original source by : www.myro.tk

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