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Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Guide All Commands at Zeta-Ro


Guide All Commands at Zeta-Ro



In Zeta-Ro Private Servers there are 59 kinds of command. 
To find out you only need to type @commands.
To know the name of map and the coordinates of the current, type /where

@sleep :
character will be sleeping .. to wakeup type @sleep again.

@warp/@rura/@mapmove :
warps player to a warpable area.
if you not use the coordinates, you will move randomly.
(syntax : @warp <map name> <x> <y> )
 (syntax : @rura <map name> <x> <y> )
 (syntax : @mapmove )
@ally :
leave massage for all of your friends.
(syntax : @ally <on|of> or <massage>)

@nobc :
Ignoring/no show All BoardCasts on your Screen, to show it Just type @nobc again.

@who :
shows all players online with party and guild.
(syntax : if you want to see all player online, just type @who or  @who )

@storage :
this command opens your Kafra storage. you can open the Kafra storage anywhere and any time you want by typing this command.

this command opens your guild storage. You can open the guild storage anywhere and any time you want. you must be in a guild to use this command.

show number help commands

(syntax : @go )
The list:
0=Prontera 1=Morocc 2=Geffen
3=Payon 4=Alberta 5=Izlude
6=Aldebaran 7=Lutie 8=Comodo
9=Yuno 10=Amatsu 11=Gonryun
12=Umbala 13=Niflheim 14=Louyang
15=Novice Grounds/new_1-1 16=Novice Ground 25=Moscovia
6=Al De Baran 16=Prison, but you are not aouthorized to warp there 17=Jawaii
18=Ayothaya 19=Einbroch
20=Lighthalzen 21=Einbech
22=Hugel 23=Rachel
24=Veins 25=Mall 26=Juperos Elevator/Event

@hatch :
incubate your pet eggs

received all kind of your skills.

show ID of Items
(syntax : @idsearch )
show normal time, server time, game time.

show how much more time you will stay in Jail until you are returned in the game.

to store all of item/equip/etc to storage.
to show uptime.
 identify your item without Magnifier.

this command will automatically put drops from monsters you kill straight to your inventory, without having to manually pick them up. 
typing @autoloot toggles the option ON or OFF. typing @autoloot " will loot items with drop rates less than or equal to the number you specified.
Automatically loots a specific item of choice. "@alootid Yggdrasill Berry" will make your character loot only Yggdrasil Berry from a specific monster.
(syntax :  @alootid <item name or item id>)

This command shows monster info, like level, base exp, job exp, element, race, drops,etc. 
(syntax : @mi <monster name or monster id>

This command shows you your current exp.

This command shows base exp/job exp for server.

This command shows an item's description, including NPC buy/sell rates and monster drop rates.
(syntax : @iteminfo <item name or item id>)
This command shows which monsters drop an item. 
(syntax : @whodrops <item name or item id>)

all the stores may be checked for you if you are searching for a specific item.
(syntax : @whosell <item name or item id>)

shows where a monster may be located in terms of map location. It lists down all the maps that it is located in. 
(syntax : @whereis <monster name or monster id>)

this toggles the light green experience gained message from the chatlog on or off.

to show your gained zeny.

to show skill delay failure.

this command disconnects your client RO from the server, but keeps the character online. this command is available to vending merchant classes only. Useful for when you want to vend without keeping your computer on. the @autotrade'd character will remain vending until you try login or server reset.

changes the current guild master of a guild. You must be in a guild and be the guild master for this command to work.
 (syntax : @changegm but the other character you want to make guild master should be online.)

this command allows you to set an away message. any characters PMing your character will receive an automated response. Example: @away AFK BRB. when a character PMs your character, he/she will receive your auto massage.

@noask :
Toggles automatically rejecting all requests (party, guild, trade, etc.) ON or OFF.

@homtalk :
usable only if you have a homunculus. (syntax: "@homtalk <massage> ) will make your homunculus say the message. 

usable only if you have a homunculus. This command shows your homunculus's stats, intimacy, hunger.

usable only if you have a homunculus. shows your homunculus's stats.

It will mark the monster's coordinates in your mini map, you need to be on their spawn area so this command with work. (will never work on MvPs)
(syntax: @showmobs <monster name or monster id>)

this command allow you to reset feeling skill on your star gladiators.

this command prevents your character from attacking a monster that another player is attacking.

account will be locked wiht a password (you can't trade your item untill you unlock your account)
to set your password, you can warp @warp prontera 171 142.

@unlock :
unlock your account
(syntax : @unlock <your password>)

@garbage : 
allows you to bypass dropping delay but items will disappear when dropped.

@showitems : 
shows item or not on the floor. (useful for PVP)
you will be warping to the Helper place.
(syntax : @? <your question about server>)

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