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Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Arch Bishop Guide Ragnarok Online


Arch Bishop Guide Ragnarok Online


There are four primary types of builds for Arch Bishops – Full Support, ME/Holy Caster, Battle/Melee and Hybrid Support. Thanks to Renewal mechanics players are now afforded a higher degree of flexibility with these builds, enabling them to tailor each build to their specific playing style with greater ease.

Primary Skills Used

For Acolytes, Priests and High Priests, the overall skill sets are rather restrictive based on whether the final build is FS, ME or Battle. As an Arch Bishop, the following skills are generally regarded as must-haves regardless of what your build is:
Coluceo Heal Lv. 3
Clementia Lv. 3
Cantocandidus Lv. 3
Praefation Lv. 5
High Heal Lv. 1
Renovatio Lv. 1

Full Support Type

STR: 1-30
AGI: Varies
VIT: 90-100
INT: 90-120
DEX: 40-80
LUK: 60-100

The full support build is a classic option that places its focus on keeping the party alive and going. Thanks to Renewal mechanics and a greater number of available stat points, players are no longer forced to decide between a DEX-oriented or VIT-oriented build. INT and VIT are still the primary stats here, affecting Max HP, Heal amount, and ailment resistance. Due to the way MATK is now calculated, LUK both plays an important role in boosting Heal amount and provides resistance to Curse and Stone Curse. DEX is useful for reducing cast time; however large amounts of it are not needed with high INT and Sacrament. As with all FS builds STR is only used to boost weight capacity.
A key divergence point of this build is whether to get Adoramus or Sacrament. With Adoramus a Full Support build can now handle some solo hunting while Sacrament is extremely helpful for cast-time reduction. Due to the large number of points required to get either of these skills, it is not advised to get both.

Healer: Focused on INT and heal-related gears to maximize heal amount as well as conserving SP to avoid becoming supplies-dependent. Useful for supporting Rune Knights and Royal Guards that have extremely high HP.
Tanker: Focused on maxing HP and defense with buffs, high DEF gear, resistance cards (Thara Frog, etc.), elemental armors, etc., depending on the monsters. When combined with Sacrifice, Gentle Touch Revitalize, VIT foods, Angelus, etc., it is possible to take 1 damage from most non-MVP monsters.
Skill Spammer: Similar to the ME/Holy Caster Type (below), skill spammers attempt to reduce cast time and/or skill delay as much as possible. Using combination of Sacrament and variable cast equips/cards (Sprint Ring, Tower Keeper Card, Dark Illusion Card, etc.), they can achieve fast cast times even with a Phen or Orleans Gown and receive a huge boost with Magic Strings. This type also proves quite useful in WoE due to the high level of VIT for survivability while using Judex and Silentium to disrupt enemy casters.

ME/Holy Caster Type

STR: 1-10
AGI: 1-30
VIT: varies (typically 40+)
INT: 90-120
DEX: 80-100
LUK: 80-100

This build is a continuation from the Priest/High Priest Magnus Exorcismus build. With Judex and Adoramus, Magnus Exorcismus ABs can now handle non-undead and non-demon monsters. Due to the high cast time of Magnus Exorcismus, this build requires high DEX. Sacrament is very useful for reducing the final cast time of Magnus Exorcismus, while INT and LUK are used to boost MATK. STR is useful for weight capacity, while VIT is used for boosting max HP.
Due to the large number of skill points required to get both Adoramus and Sacrament, it is difficult for this build to reach its full potential. Magnus Exorcismus ABs will typically discard Sacrament in favor of Adoramus for the PvM environment, however Sacrament is generally favored by those wishing to round out their capabilities supporting parties both in and out of WoE. Judex is the natural evolution of Holy Light for Magnus Exorcismus ABs, and is effective on small mobs due to the small AoE and quick cast time.
Additionally, marrying an Magnus Exorcismus AB to a Soul Linker provides Kaahi to improve survivability of the Magnus Exorcismus AB and can also include Priest Spirit for boosting Holy Light.
Judex-Adoramus: The true continuation of the Magnus Exorcismus build, this type focuses on maxing MATK and casting speed while using Judex and Adoramus to inflict large amounts of damage on monsters that Magnus Exorcismus and Turn Undead are unable to touch.

Hybrid Support: Similar to the FS Skill Spammer above, Hybrid SupportMagnus Exorcismus ABs will discard Adoramus in favor of Sacrament and other support skills, using the fast cast time and high MATK of the Magnus Exorcismus build to Heal more efficiently and buff parties faster, while also using Silentium in WoE to disrupt enemy casters. 

Battle/Melee Type

STR: 70-100
AGI: 90-120
VIT: 20-50+
DEX: 40-60
LUK: 60-90+
Continuing the classic hard-hitting, Mace-swinging Battle Priest build, this build is for the player who wants to break the mold and try something different with the Arch Bishop. Thanks to Renewal mechanics, Mace and Book weapons don't have any ASPD penalty, meaning high AGI makes this build extremely effective while also providing a Flee-based defense similar to the Thief classes.
Focusing on solo hunting, Duple Light and Mace Mastery (Priest/High Priest) are must have skills for this build. Battle ABs will deal more damage per second than their Priest and High Priest counterparts, while using high Critical rates, weapon buffs (Impositio Manus, Aspersio, Endows, etc.), and ASPD buffs to send that damage even higher.
Due to the flexibility of this build, weapon selection largely influences the Battle AB’s final stats. If using a Book as the primary weapon, this build will want higher INT due to the MATK boost from Duple Light. If using a Mace, high STR will be the primary focus. High AGI is useful to raise ASPD regardless of weapon type due to the use of Duple Light. When using maces, the Blacksmith skill Adrenaline Rush can further boost ASPD.

  • ASPD: Focuses on maximizing ASPD through high AGI and gears/cards and ATK through high STR to boost DPS at the cost of defense and support.
  • Critical: This type uses a high Critical rate to boost damage dealt, however it is more gear/card dependent. Going this route limits the player to weapon choices like Encyclopedia, Veteran Hammer or Spike. Critical-boosting stat foods and Gloria are essential here.
  • Hindsight/Auto Cast: This build takes advantage of the MATK boost from Duple Light, however it is extremely restrictive in terms of gear, requiring auto-cast equipment (Ring of flame lord, Kasa card, Snake hat/Chick Hat, Lady Solace/Baphomet Card, etc.). With the right gear and high ASPD, this build can dish out a high amount of damage over a short period of time.

Hybrid Support (HS) Type

STR: 30-50
AGI: 80-95
VIT: 90-100
INT: 90-100
DEX: 40-80
LUK: 70-100

This build is a mix of the FS and Battle builds. It is similar to the FS build but it differs in that it limits one of the higher stats to 100 so that the others can be raised. Using a Mace or Book and AGI-oriented equipment, HS AB can get 175+ ASPD and can kill monsters with Duple Light. Buffed with Adrenaline Rush, AGI-boosting stat foods and other ASPD boosting items, an ASPD of 185+ is possible. The high critical rate created by the LUK and the use of Gloria ensure that the HS AB can hold their own in a fight.
Thanks to the high INT, VIT and LUK of this build, HS-types can support nearly as well as a FS, giving them a much wider range of leveling options. High VIT and AGI provide for status resistance in WoE, and the higher ASPD and survivability creates a well-rounded offense and defense that can easily switch roles by binding different weapons to hotkeys. Hybrid Support builds focus on using Duple Light for leveling while getting Sacrament to help with Support and cast times. 

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