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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011



by: HenHen


Since the recent update, the Sniper has become one of the strongest class.
However, since Snipers actually owning is relatively new for most people, I
think now's a good time to write my first guide ever.

This is not a guide for beginners. You need basic understanding of the game
and the server. I will try to be as complete as possible but don't expect me
to spell everything out for you.

Why am I doing this: The server needs new pro's to replace the ones that are
quitting. I hope this guide can inspire some people to new heights. Also, I
suppose I want to reward english-speaking people while penalizing those who
can't, because you do need to be able to read english to understand all the
goodies I'm giving out.

Without further ado, Leech Away...



- Maya Purple Card for Assassins and Stalkers
- Anti-Status (the actual statuses you need protecting against depends on
which job you are fighting)
- Fill the rest of the slots with BKCs.
- Optional: LKH/BH/EQW filled with 4 Leib Olmai cards
- Optional: LKH/BH/EQW filled with Marduk, Evil Snake Lord, Nightmare, and Maya Purple

Usage Explanation: For the most part, quite self-explanatory. Leib Olmai cards are useful to fight Champions. The anti-status LKH is useful against stalkers. I expect you to have multiple lower headgears (multple wings) and middle headgears willed with anti-status and/or maya purple to mix and match depending on your opponent.


- If you don't have a set, then slotted tights would be preferable. The next
best thing would be a glittering jacket, but I don't like how heavy it
weights. You also need slotted versions of all the elemental armors.

I will lay-out what type of armor you should use against every job.

Common sense will tell you there is no way to carry every single armor I list on you at once. Keep the ones you don't need in storage and take them out when you need it.

Lord Knight:

Option 1) Use slotted fire armors. One should be slotted with a peco peco
card, the other should be slotted with a Ghostring card.

Option 2) If you have a set and have several armors, use Pasana Card and
Ghostring card.

Option 3) You can probably get away with wearing Nightmare Terror Card
against an enemy that does not have ESL card.


Option 1) If your enemy is an int/vit-type paladin, use two water armor
slotted with Orc Lord Card (reflect 30% damage from Sacrifice) or Marc card
(prevents them from freezing you with shield boomerang and also reduce 5%
water damage). The other water armor should be slotted with Ghostring card for easy switching.

Option 2) If your enemy is str-type paladin, use tights. One should be
slotted with Angelring Card (when they occasionally get within Holy Cross
range) and the other should be slotted with Ghostring card.

Option 3) If your enemy is a hybrid paladin, switch between Water armor [Orc Lord Card] and Water armor [Ghostring Card]. Alternatively, you can also switch between Holy armor and Ghost armor, but don't do all three as you will need to devote more attention to offense than defense.


Get whatever type of armor you want. For this matchup, don't worry too much
about the weight problem, and just focus on maximizing your defense. You
will need 3 different armors. It gets a bit confusing to explain so I will
just give an example. Try to follow this format.

Armor 1) +10 Valk armor (but it can be anything) slotted with Ghostring card
Armor 2) +10 valk armor (or anything else, as long as it's the same kind as armor 1) slotted with Nightmare terror card OR Killer Mantis Card
Armor 3) +10 Tight (or anything else, as long as it is different from Armor
1 and 2) slotted with Pecopeco card.


Any high-defense armor slotted with Marc Card. No fancy options here.


Any high-defense armor slotted with Peco Peco Card


Armor 1) Valkyrie Armor slotted with Ghostring card
Armor 2) Something else slotted with Ghostring card (Example: tight)
Armor 3) Another thing slotted with Ghostring card (Example: glittering
.. etc

Assassin Cross:

Option 1)

Armor 1) Fire Armor slotted with Marc Card
Armor 2) Fire Armor slotted with Ghostring Card
Armor 3) Fire Armor slotted with Evil Druid Card
Armor 4) Different armor slotted with Orc Lord Card

Bolt/Int SinX (they still exist, and bolt will own a sniper if you don't prepare for it)

Use Water Armor slotted with PecoPeco card or Marc Card. [ Note: Also remember to use Flameguard (Jakk Card) Manteau ]


Pure Bow Stalker

High defense armor slotted with Marc Card will do.
Keep a ghostring armor and a few other spare armors hotkeyed just in case they copy Sacrifice or Acid Terror.

Magic Stalker / Hybrid Stalkers

There are 5 different elements they can copy [Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Ghost]

Option 1) Counter whichever skill they copy. If they use fire or earth magic, use fire armor. If they use lightning magic, use wind armor. If they use water/ice skills, use water armor. If they use ghost magic, use neutral armor. Just make sure to stick a marc card in all those armors. [Note: For manteau, use -30% elemental cards such as Jakk and Marse. Use the garment card to compensate for whichever element your armor is WEAK to, because some hybrid stalkers will use elemental arrows. For example, don't be stupid and use Fire armor + Flameguard to counter fire-bolt because it is pointless as you can out-damage them anyways.]

Pure Magic Stalkers

By pure magic stalkers, I am referring to stalkers that will copy a magic skill, and also use lvl 3 bolts from ice falchion and fireblend. You should be able to out-damage them by using elemental armor [Marc] to counter their copied skill and swap between Muffler [Jakk] and Muffler [Marse] to counter fireblend and ice falchion.


Armor 1) Silk Robe (adds 10 mdef) slotted with Angelring Card
Armor 2) Any armor (preferably Glittering Jacket since it also adds 5 mdef) slotted with Ghostring Card. As much defense as possible
Armor 3) Any armor (same as Armor 2) slotted with Pasana Card. As much defense as possible
Armor 4) A shadow armor (bathory card). Just in case.


Silk robe slotted with Angelring card


Any armor slotted with Angelring card. [Note: combine with muffler slotted with Isis card]


Armor 1) Fire armor slotted with Ghostring card. Try to get a highly upgraded Fire Armor
Armor 2) Fire armor slotted with Orc Lord card. Try to get a highly upgraded Fire Armor 


Weapon 1) Soul Seeker slotted with 3 hydra cards and 1 skeleton worker cards
Weapon 2) Soul Seeker slotted with 2 hydra cards and 2 civil servant cards
Weapon 3) Seeker slotted with 4 Monkey Fist Cards
Weapon 4) Composite Bow slotted with 4 Marina Cards (Freeze)
Weapon 5) Composite Bow slotted with 4 Magnolia Cards (Curse)
Weapon 6) Bow slotted with 4 Plankton Cards (Sleep)
Weapon 7) Bow slotted with 4 Requiem Cards (Chaos)
Weapon 8) Bow slotted with 4 Familiar Cards (Blind)
Weapon 9) Bow slotted with 4 Metaller Cards (Silence)
Weapon 10) Lords Knife slotted with 4 MFC.
Weapon 11) Rudra's Bow
Weaopn 11) Optional: Seeker slotted with 3 Hydra Cards and 1 Golem Card

[Note: You don't keep all the bows on you at the same time. Select your weapons depending on what class you are fighting, and keep the rest in storage

Usage Explanation:

Whether you use Weapon 1 or Weapon 2 depends on how good your opponent is at armor switching (GR armor / non-GR armor). If they are good at switching, stick with bow 1. If they don't switch or switch slow, use weapon 2. Falcon Assault is extremely deadly to non-GR users, so you can generally take advantage of the extra damage from Civil Servant cards.

Weapon 3 is used to launch traps into your enemies (traps do not get affected by damage modifiers)

Generally, status bows are only used to reduce the enemy's BKC count by 1. Believe me it is not a waste of time. By forcing them to wear anti-status against several crippling statuses, you can reduce their overall stats significantly.

The two most useful statuses are Freeze and Curse. Not everyone has ESL, and curse is generally a crippling status for any job, especially when fighting a sniper. Freeze takes some practice to inflict but it is not easy to negate because Falcon Assault keeps them from wearing Unfrozen armor.

Rudra's Bow? Is that a joke? Actually no. It gives level 1 heal and level 1 cure. Level 1 cure is a nice way to cure party members of silence as well as cure confusion and blind on yourself. Heal level 1 guarantees a victory against a high priest (well, almost anyways). You can subsitute a healing clip, but I prefer rudra bow since it also does cure.


Guard [Thara Frog]
Guard [GTB / Maya if you don't have GTB]

Usage Explanation:

When using falcon assault, Quad Celestial Lords Knife + Guard is better than bow. Use a shield at your own discretion depending on whether you think the shield worth the 1 or 2 seconds it take to swap equipment (keeping in mind the enemy could have switched equpment already in that brief period).

Wearing GTB + LK and using exclusively Falcon Assault against a wizard should give you an easy win. Not so sure about professors.


Muffler [Raydric] reduce 20% neutral damage
Muffler [Jakk] reduce 30% fire damage
Muffler [Marse] reduce 30% water damage
Muffler [Dustiness] reduce 30% wind damage
Muffer [Isis] reduce 30% shadow damage
Muffer [Marionette] reduce 30% ghost damage
Muffler [Myst] reduce 30% poison damage

Muffler [Frilladora Card] gives level 1 cloak
Ragamuffin Manteau adds 10 mdef

Usage Explanation:

Raydric, Jakk, Marse, Dustiness, Myst, marionette and Isis are no-brainers. Frilladora card can be useful in forcing the opponent to wear Maya Purple, thereby knocking off another BKC. Ragamuffin adds 10mdef - use it for wizards and professors as you cannot guess what element they will be using.


Boots of Guidance if you use the donation sets. Otherwise,

+10 Valkyrie Boots [Matyr or Moonlight Flower Card]

Usage Explanation:

Unless you are desperately in need of defense, stick with slepinir. Slepinir and +10 Valkyrie boots can be used together for the best effect using a technique called HP-padding (See below)


2 x Ancient Rosaries slotted with 2 Exile cards
1 x Ancient Earring slotted with Faith card
2 x Ancient Brooch slotted with 2 Envy cards
1 x Clip Slotted with Marine Sphere card [Keep in storage except for fighting Support Priests]
1 x Clip Slotted with Horong card
1 x Ancient ring (or whatever) slotted with Smokies card

Usage Explanation: Ancient Rosaries > Ancient gloves because of the extra 6 mdef. The faith can be switched to for extra trap damage. The envy cards are occasionally used to outflee your opponent. You should always have a Sight Clip on hand (which will take up 3 hotkeys, but I deem it a necessary expense). Smokies card is for hide, which you will sometimes need to use during matches if your opponent surprises you with an unexpected build, to give you a little bit of time to prepare a different setup. Full support priests require the use of Magnum break to kill (to knock them out of pneuma).


I am not going to give you an exact build. This is just ballpark figures of what your stats should look like. Like Fractyl, I prefer having a single, versatile build rather than having to switch builds to fight different opponents.

Str: 10
Agi: 195 aspd with 4 slotted bow and only 2 BKC. Then add 12 more agility to counter
balance decrease agility. Add dex first, however.
Vit: 100
Int: 150
Dex: 230
Luk: 150

Any leftover stat points can be added where-ever you want. Just remember that your Vit and Dex should be in multiples of 10 with soul seeker.

Against some enemies it is best to drop your BKC count to 2 so you can use a lot of anti-status cards. It is also necessary to allow one to wear 4 Leib Olmai card in the upper headgear against Champs. The extra flee from having to pad your agility isn't bad either.

General Tactics and Tricks

- HP-padding. HP padding refers to using an item that increases your maximum HP (Peco Peco card, Greed Card, Slepinir) and then swapping it out for something more useful once your current HP drops below the bonus given by the item.
Example: With slepinir my maximum HP is 180k, and with +10 Valkyrie Shoe my maximum HP is 150k. When I enter a duel, I fight for a bit with Slepinir first, and once my HP drops below 150k I switch to +10 Valk Shoes.

- Delay-cancel. There are some skills in RO that has a very long after-delay, but sometimes the delay can be canceled (like in a fighting game, lol). The only sniper skill that can be canceled, as far as I know, is arrow shower. How does it work? Simple. Right after you use arrow shower, immediately use a different non-targettable skill. I personally use First Aid or True Sight. This is very useful for stacking and moving traps.

- Fast Trap-Stack. Nothing special. Stack 3 traps in front of you, 1 cell apart from each other and use arrow-shower delay cancel to stack them.

- Fast Trap-Spread. Sometimes it is important to scatter your traps all over the ground. The slow way to do it would be to place them down 1 by 1. A better way is to lay 4 traps next to you, and then arrow shower on the spot where you stand. For good measure, you can get out of the trap barrier without too much hassle by skidding yourself.

-Armor reading. Not really much of a trick. Just pay attention to the amount of damage you inflict. The advantage of using immaterial arrow and/or Civil Servant cards is that you can easily tell from your damage if he is wearing Ghostring armor. As soon as your damage becomes unusually low, start spamming falcon assault on him. It hurts, a lot.

- Burning Arrow. Use magnum break combined with status arrows. Usually status arrows are neutral type, which ****s because the enemy is probably wearing Ghostring anyways. If you use magnum break, your attack will become fire-type, which is awesome if you want to use status while still dealing maximum damage with your damage-mod cards. The chance of inflicting status ****s (5% or less from my experience) but what do you have to lose?

Useful Traps

Skid Trap: used in True Backslide and H walk

Landmine: Earth element. Hits enemies in Hide. Can stun. I stack this trap a lot because it does good damage and unlike blast mine, stays on the ground for quite a while.

Blast Mine: Wind element. Does the most damage out of all the traps, but explodes after 5 seconds or so. The description says it is fire element, but it's actually wind. That's good, because frozen enemies take additional damage.

Ankle Snare: Used mostly against stalkers, assassins, and priests.

Shockwave Trap: devastating when used properly. Combine with poison or bleeding to stop SP regeneration. Pharaoh cards counter this, but in that case they lose 4 headgear slots, leaving them with 40 less stats and only 1 or 2 slots left for anti-status. Take advantage of it.

Freeze Trap: Rarely use it, but it is water element, so it does extra damage against enemies who wear Fire armor to counter Landmine.

Sandman: You might not have enough points to get this, but I will mention it anyways because 70% chance to inflict sleep is very good. 

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