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 by: Night.Shifter

Introduction :

There are people who are asking me what my stats or equips are. I made this build coz i want to share some knowledge about the job and i don’t really see a lot of pallies around. My guide will only cover my reflect build, high luk sacrifice build and grand cross/sacri build for now. This is my first guide so it’s not perfect. i’ll try to keep this guide updated.

Equipments :

Set : +10/+0 Mixset (composing of EMPH,EMPs,SAW and COB+BOG)
using the mixset will give u the maximum hp u’ll need in-game i believe....this doesnt mean u cant use any other sets for my builds.
However, with this set and also my equips (below), i could get about 577k hp max.... with only just using bkc's however, u can get more using 5 jirachi cards.. my HP is 585k with 5 jirachi cards, which means i cant tank more longer using devotion.

I prefer the other sets for battle type pallies as they will not need high hp unlike the Mixset which is used for pure hp build.

Weapons : (u can have more weapons if u want, this is my mostly used weapons in-game)

• Quad mfc DD or GDD (4 mfc)
• Triple Bloody Boned DD or GDD (3 hydra + skel worker card)
• Perfect Triple [Status] Godly OB (eg. Phree + 3 plankton cards)

Accesories :

• 2 o.greed or 2 greed

Foot Gear :
+0/+10 Boots of guidance w/ Martyr card
+0/+10 Boots of guidance w/ Moonlight Flower card

Armors : (you can have more armors if u wish, its just these 3 are my mostly used armors. I also use Coat of Brilliance in all of these)

• Mirror Armor
• Ghost Armor
• Holy Armor

Garments :

• +7/+10 Immune Manteau (raydric card); it reduces neutral attacks such as occult impact and asura
• +7/+10 Genie's Manteau (reduces water property attacks eg.players using bos)
• +7/+10 Flameguard Manteau (reduces fire property attacks eg. players using magnum break)
• +7/+10 Innoxious Manteau (reduces poison property attacks eg. assasins using poison react)

Shields :

• +7/+10 Reflect guard/shield/mirror shield (maya card)
• +7/+10 Cranial shield (thara frog card)
• +7/+10 Shield of Retaliation (High Orc Card)
• +7/+10 Heavy shield (Horn Card)

Paladin Skills: (i use this skill build for both stat builds as shown below)

Sword Mastery 1
Increase HP Recovery 10
Bash 5
Provoke 5
Magnum Break 10
Endure 5
Divine Protection 3
Demon Bane 5
Cure 1
Spear Mastery 10
Peco Peco Riding 1
Cavalier Mastery 5
Moving HP Recovery 1
Faith 10
Guard 10
Smite 3
Shield Boomerang 3
Shield Reflect 10
Holy cross 6
Grand Cross 10
Devotion 5
Defending Aura 5
Pressure 5
Martyr’s Reckoning 5
Battle Chant 10
Shrink 10
-This skill build is my mostly used build when im on my pally, this is my Grand cross skill build.

Stats :

Legend :
red - the thing u should do first
green - 2nd
yellow - 3rd
blue - 4th
purple - 5th

Martyr’s Reckoning/Grand Cross Paladin/PvP

Str : not needed
Agi : u should have your triple bloody boned GDD/DD equipped and get 195 aspd so that u could use all of the
3 weapons above with 195 aspd.
Vit : maxed out
Int : rest of the stats goes here
Dex : u could have your dex insta-cast for the triple bloody boned GDD/DD so that u can insta-cast skills with
all 3 weapons stated above.
Luk : not needed

-i use this build when im trying to kill a ws or clown. I would grand cross them and if they ever change to holy, i will use sacri to kill them. This doesn’t mean it happens all the time though. Any clown or WS can easily kill u with their tarots or CT. So have ur friend sinX with u to SB them hehe.

Martyr’s Reckoning/high luk build/My 3v3 Build

Str : rest of the stats goes here
Agi : u should have your triple bloody boned GDD/DD equipped and get 195 aspd so that u could use all of the
3 weapons above with 195 aspd.
Vit : maxed out
Int : not needed
Dex : u could have your dex insta-cast for the triple bloody boned GDD/DD so that u can insta-cast skills with
all 3 weapons stated above.
Luk : ur luk should sum up to 230 (eg. 190+150) and above so u will not get a status easily.

Some PVP tips:

It will take sometime to take a pally down when it has full gear on, even if it hasn’t got any other buffs besides his own buffs. In pvp-ing, i normally use reflect gears so that anyone who uses physical attack on me would ended up killing themselves. ( note : always use provoke + pressure on ur opponents coz pressure does MP reduction and provoke lowers their def a bit )

SinX : just have your full reflect equips on (which are : shield of retaliation , quad mfc DD/GDD and mirror armor). U could switch to ur other armors if they happen to use breaker on u and it has a high damage. If they use MA just counter attack it with MB. Pressure them to death and use provoke on them so that they would hit u harder and giving themselves a higher reflect damage as well.

Difficulty : 2/5

Champ : this is the job we’ll love to kill if we were wearing reflect/redux equips (which composed of : mirror armor + cranial shield + quad mfc GDD/DD). Use provoke on them always so they can hit u harder. The harder they hit, the easier they will get themselves killed. If they killed u with their asura, dnt worry. Just come back and pressure them so they would have a lesser asura damage due to the mp reduction. u'll just have to have many yggs when pvp-ing with champs bcoz u need to be in full hp at all times. however, if they have song of lutie buff. They would probably kill u or die with u, so get lutie as well so u could have a higher chance of killing them with ur reflect.

Difficulty : 2/5

Wizard : if u have gtb or tgtb on, it will be hard for them to kill u. wizards will have all their attacks reduced on u because of your buffs + your gtb/tgtb shield. Just always be alert on what spells theyre using on u, if its an AoE spell keep ur gtb on and keep using pressure + provoke on them so they would get annoyed, u can try killing them with GC or Sacri. When im vs-ing wizards, i would use my phree + 3 plankton cards so that they will go to sleep, this is time is the best for spamming GC because they cant really do anything, just quickly change your weap into quad mfc DD/GDD so that u'll have a high damage GC. However, if the spell is just a type of bolt just switch into your reflect shield, they will tend to loose hp real quick and die for a few second if they cast those bolts carelessly. i almost forgot u'll have to use the sacri/GC build so u can use GC in this situation.

Difficulty : 3/5

WhiteSmith : i have to say that this is one of the most powerful opponents u'll have in-game. theres somethings u can do to try kill them. i usually use my GC/Sacri build to pvp this job. cause if theyre noob enough they will switch to their holy armour if cast a GC on them, this is the best time to hit them with sacri ( note : always use ur quad mfc DD/GDD for GC to get high damage ), another thing u can do is put ur phree + 3 plankton cards weap on to make them sleep, its nice to use ur GC here because they cant really move for like a few seconds. You can Switch armours like holy to shadow armor to reduce their CT damage, but never use ghost or mirror when the WS is casting CT on u as these two armors will have a higher damage than holy/shadow. Try to make them freeze as well if they are still up, then use sacri to hit them while theyre iced. oh, and always use provoke + pressure on them. both of them helps even if they dont do as much, it can make u win too. you'll also need to have FP when versing a WS, coz sometimes when they feel that they can kill u by breaking ur stuffs with their high damage normal attack, u can put ur mirror armour on so that it will just get reflected on them. they would prolly die on this. thats all i can think of how to beat a WS..However, Battle type pallies have a greater chance of winning this fight as well but im still working on it.

Difficulty : 5/5

Clown/Dancer : i use my GC/sacri build on this too (same offensive tactics like on the WS pvp tip), but i dont really fight this job because theyre gay jks.. they will tarot u to death which ****s and thats about it. if im versing this job, i'll pm some sinx on my friend list to kill him, if hes too hard for me haha. And also for this job, battle type pallies has a greater chance of winning coz of theyre statuses and normal attack dmg, but yeah, im still working on it haha.

Difficulty : 5/5

Professor : just put ur full hp/reflect gear on (which are : GDD/DD quad mfc, reflect quard) and just ygg urself till he/she dies of his/her own bolts. if the prof's pro, and he uses heaven's drive. just switch to ur gtb/tgtb to block it....(same offensive tactics apply here from the WS tip) U should prolly win this fight because he/she cant really kill u. lol

Difficulty : 1/5

3v3 : I normally wear my full reflect build when im doing 3v3, so that attackers(sinx, champs) will dmg themselves as well. Just spam giggling boxes when u get hit, u'll have to be in full hp at all times. Changing into appropriate weapons, shields and armors will make
u strong in 3v3, and also u need giggling boxes all the time. This could be farmed by using a wraith card and killing undead mobs in maps such as orcsdun01.

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