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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011


by: Jay
Introduction Professor is a deadly chars that could rock everyone when you’re able to master it. In every high-rate server, especially in the Ygg-able PVP, they’re deemed to be very useless. However, they could be very useful in hindering enemies or even supporting your mates. In RO, there might be only 3 kinds of professor that you would see. One is with high INT, where people often called Bolt Prof. This is a very common one, normally used in PVP and MVP. The other one would be Battle Prof. This type boast in high ATK and CRIT, but hopeless in almost every actual battle where they needs to do support role. Neither one will be Hybrid, which isn’t the most powerful, yet not the weakest of all of them. People often overlook the possibilities that professor can fight almost on par with anyone else. This char often be a good choice to get overkills for enemies who does not have high MDEF (compared to GTB or TGTB users), and yet, when the enemies has high MDEF, most of them would run. They actually seem underpowered, unless they have someone to back the professor. Professor would have a lot of hand in handling elements. They govern Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Neutral, Shadow, and not the least, Poison (on 3rd jobs though). In order to deal considerable amount of damage, a professor must be able to see the enemies’ movement, counter with opposite element, and strike without hesitation.

Equipments I would only say that you will need considerable MATK which range around 4-6k. Whichever equip will be good, and in this guide, I will only cover Sapphire Traveller Set, which I have been using for almost the time I spent. Somewhat, there will be only some uber equipments used in this guide.
Weapons Godly Legacy of Dragon [2 Hydra, 2 Civil] Godly Legacy of Dragon [2 Hydra, 2 Skel-Work] Godly Legacy of Dragon [2 Hydra, 2 Minorous] Godly Staff of Ages [4 MFC] Legacy of Dragon [2 Marina, 2 Plankton] Legacy of Dragon [2 Requiem, 2 Magnolia] Legacy of Dragon [1 Familiar, 2 Savage Babe, 1 Snake] Grimtooth Counter Knife Fortune Knife
Shield Guard [Thara Frog Card] Guard [True Golden Thief Bug Card]
Helm 1) Sapphire Traveler Hat [4] 2) Sapphire Blindfold [1] 3) Sapphire Physics Wing [1] Cover them with BKC, Orc Hero, or ESL. Whatever your choice, always put your anti-status on either wing or middle parts
Armor You almost will use only 2 elements, depending on use - Ghost Element - Holy Element
Garment You’ll need several slotted mufflers, highly refined, with raydric card, or even resistance card
Shoes Boots of Guidance, preferred refined to +9/+10 slotted with Antique Firelock Card
Accessories Hercule Belt x2 Ancient Earrings (Endless Faiths)x2 Rage Amulet x2 (if possible)

The build Str: ~230 Agi: 195 with Grimtooth Dex: Enough for no cast, no need for HIT Int: Ranged MATK from 4-6k Vit: 100 Luk: Whatever left
My policy for every status is always having 100 vit. You could change it if you want, depending on situations, but I find it suffice for every battles.
The importance of Weapon and Armor Switching. To play this char, you will only need 2 armors, as stated above. If you're able to swap fast, you will win almost every battle.
General Tips and Tricks Web-Spin: Predict enemies' movements, spinning web with precision and hinder their movement. Would not be as effective for Champions, Assassins, or Stalkers. Flee does not matters, as your enemies will have -50% flee if they are caught.
Earth Dance: Cast Stone Curse for enemies in your range.
Burning Storm: Combination of Web-Spin and Firebolt. Creating double fire damage and hindering enemies' movement at once.
Firelord: Combination of Web-spin, Earth Dance, and Volcano. Makes you do almost 300% extra damage to enemies when you use fire elemented attack. Useful when high damaging chars are helping.
Misty Field: Throw out Fog to make misty field around you. Makes you almost missing to every attacks. Under this skill, you will receive only 25% damage from ranged normal attacks, -25% from all skills, and a bonus of enemies blinds, when they're entering this field.
Glide Bolt: While enemies are fleeing and not using any TGTB, you might want to bolt them, hindering their movement. Almost useless, but quite good if you want to stun-lock them
Earthquake: Reveal your enemies with your Heaven's Drive, does not work on TGTB. Combine this with Gliding would help you a lot.
Element Master: Combine Endow with your field, Volcano, Whirlwind, or Deluge, creating massive damage under your command.
Dispel-Bolt: Combination of spamming Dispel and Bolts together. Good on non TGTB high DPS chars.


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